Hammond Manufacturing Offers Customizable Wall Mount Rack Cabinets

 April 5th, 2023 |   By Majestic12 Electronics  |   0 Comments

For more than one hundred years and four generations, customers who have required unsurpassed performance, wide selection, and durability for power distribution, rack mounting, enclosures, and cases, have relied on the Hammond brand. Hammond’s highly differentiated, high-quality, and volume of stocked products can be found in a variety of vertical markets including OEM, industrial, electronic, enterprise, broadcast, utility, and data center. 

Hammond Manufacturing offers personalized product customization services, and technical support to electrical and electronic manufacturers, utilities, and institutions worldwide through a comprehensive network of agents and distributors.

Hammond’s NWC Series, swing-out industrial wall mount rack cabinets, boasts a versatile design with dual access to equipment facilitated by a double hinge mechanism. The main body and door swing seamlessly from right to left, offering convenient accessibility. The series offers three distinct options depending on the equipment cooling required.

The “N” Version comes without climate control and is ideal for equipment that does not produce much heat while maintaining the IP56 rating. The “F” Version includes rear and door filters, maintaining UL Type 12 rating. For enhanced cooling capabilities, the “A” Version is equipped with a 900-1300 BTU DTS3021A115LG air conditioner, bundled with the cabinet. 

Additionally, all options within the series are available with either a solid or window door, providing flexibility in equipment visibility and security. The middle section swings to 130 degrees, allowing easy access to the rear pan for straightforward maintenance. 

The heavy-duty rear pan, constructed in 14-gauge welded steel, features a hinge pin for effortless installation and a superior weight load capacity. The rear pan features both PET and bonding studs providing the ability to bond all cabinet components. 


  • Available in 12U, 18U, and 27U, 30 inches in depth.
  • Removable welded rear pan to aid in the installation.
  • Bonding studs are provided on the door, body, and back pan, and dedicated bonding and grounding points also provide drill-less mounting of electrical utility boxes.
  • The rear of the enclosure includes external mounting feet.
  • The door and rear-pan include a locking snap-clasp.
  • Includes starter pack of SCREW1032-50 (Qty of 50 10-32 threaded screws) with installed nylon washers. 


  • Window door constructed with UV-resistant polycarbonate material.
  • UL Listed 2416 Type 12 rated with a load rating of 350 lbs (158 kg).
  • Independently tested to IEC 60529 and IP56.
  • The enclosure includes two pairs of adjustable depth rack rails, drilled, and tapped 10-32 to EIA 19” standards.
  • Finished in a textured RAL7035 light gray or RAL9005 black powder coat.
  • Manufactured in North America within an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.

Hammond’s NWC Series combines innovative design with practical functionality, offering a flexible solution for equipment access and maintenance. With options catering to different requirements and robust construction, this series stands as a reliable and adaptable choice for various applications.

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